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JLF-1A Lobe Pump Filling Machine
  • Brief Description:
  • JERRY PACK new automatic single head high speed lobe pump filling machine adopts computer (PLC) control, touch screen control panel. Compared with the previous piston filling machine, its advantages are: simple structure, no wearing parts, easy to ad...
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    • JLF-1A Lobe Pump Filling Machine
    • JLF-1A Lobe Pump Filling Machine
    • JLF-1A Lobe Pump Filling Machine
Product Details


  • PLC touch screen control panel control, easy and quick operation.

  • Pump head driven by variable speed servo motor.

  • Different pipe and filling nozzle chosen by different liquid and bottle.

  • In order to better clean the pipeline, feed pipe and filling valve, we specially designed the filling nozzle clean base station. Just take off the filling valve, insert it into the base station and fix it with a fast clamp. Then clean it in the filling mode for a period of time.In this way,the sewage will not be contaminated on the fuselage, but will be discharged through the pipe.Famous brand electrical components ensure the stability and durability of the equipment.

Main Technical Parameters

  • Number of filling heads: 1

  • Filling output: 50-80 bottles/hour(50ml)

  • Applicable bottle: width 33-330mm, height 50-300mm (according to the bottle sample)

  • Filling capacity: 20ml-1L(Standard conveyor width 82.6mm)

  •                           20ml-5L(Wider conveyor 152.4mm)

  • Precision: ±0.5%

  • Air pressure: 0.6~ 0.8MPa

  • Power supply: ±220V

  • Power: 2.0KW

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