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JZX-15P Automatic Carton Packing Machine
  • Brief Description:
  • The high-precision grasping and placing action greatly improves the packing efficiency of bottles. The intelligent touch screen control is simple and convenient, and can also be set to switch a variety of specifications.
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    • JZX-15P Automatic Carton Packing Machine
    • JZX-15P Automatic Carton Packing Machine
    • JZX-15P Automatic Carton Packing Machine
    • JZX-15P Automatic Carton Packing Machine
    • JZX-15P Automatic Carton Packing Machine
Product Details


1. Automatic positioning of high-precision rod dispensing device, accurate bottle spacing control, easy to pour the bottle.

2. using touch screen operation, to achieve man-machine dialogue, convenient and intuitive, simple and clear.

3. advanced and simple automatic feeding device, effectively avoid the inertia of the conveyor belt, keep the bottle and carton speed and stable operation.

4. The machine automatically detects the running status. If the machine does not have the packing signal for a long time, it will automatically enter the semi-sleep state, reduce the running speed, reduce the mechanical loss and reduce the energy consumption, and prolong the service life of the machine.

5. the main electrical control components (touch screen, PLC, inverter, motor, photoelectric switch, etc.) use internationally renowned brands, industrial control industry's top products, so that the machine can be fundamentally guaranteed in quality.


Configuration and parameters:

Size of machine bodyL1450×W1020×H2300mm
Machine weight800KG
Applicable bottle typeCustomized
Power supply 220V,4KW
Air source pressure0.6-0.8Mpa

JZX type packing machine standard mechanical configuration:

l) The original reciprocating and cyclic gripping head is fast and accurate.

m) Replaceable bottle grab tips, which are easier and less expensive to replace.

n) Touch screen control box: The operation is more personalized.

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