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JOF Series Overflow Filling Machine(Consistent Liquid Level)
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  • Automatic Pressure Overflow Filler is typically used in consumer packaging applications where a consistent visual (wine) fill level is required. The desired product to be filled is held in a stainless steel reservoir, then pumped into a manifold to d...
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    • JOF Series Overflow Filling Machine(Consistent Liquid Level)
    • JOF Series Overflow Filling Machine(Consistent Liquid Level)
    • JOF Series Overflow Filling Machine(Consistent Liquid Level)
    • JOF Series Overflow Filling Machine(Consistent Liquid Level)
Product Details

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An overflow filling machine is a unique piece of packaging equipment that fills every bottle to the same level, regardless of the interior volum e of the individual containers. Rather than filling by volume or weight, the overflow filler uses a nozzle that, once liquid reaches a certain level in the container, overflows product back into a holding tank. By creating a seal over the bottle and allowing product to recirculate, the overflow filler creates a unique fill to level system.

Overflow Fillers are commonly used for filling beverages and other thin products, especially where foam or bottle inconsistency might be an issue. JERRY PACKS Overflow Filler can be built to suit sanitary, hazardous, flammable and corrosive environments.

Standard Construction: Heavy duty 304SS, tig-welded tube frame

Number of Fill Heads: 8 filling nozzles (2 to 16 can be customized)

Reservoir: 304SS tank is standard

Filling Size: 1oz to 5gal

Typical Power Requirement: 220V, single phase, 20 amp, 50-60Hz

Air Requirement: 5CFM @ 80 PSI, clean, dry compressed air

Dimensions & Weight: Subject to model configuration

PLC controls with touch screen

HMI Automatic pneumatic gates (entry and exit)

Front panel start and emergency stop

Container counter

On/off and speed controls for conveyor

No bottle/no fill sensor

Bottle backup sensor (downstream) delays operation until jam is cleared

Drip tray

Diving heads

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