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JDXD-180 Automatic Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine
    • JDXD-180 Automatic Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine
Product Details

Ⅰ、Product Details

JDXD-180 Automatic Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine contains motor film-releasing, film forming, bottom sealing, vertical sealing, cutting, filling, pouch transferring and top sealing. The cams on the main shaft finish the coordinated action driven by the motor and the encoder on the main shaft feedback the position single. Under the control of the PLC, it realizes the function of film roll→film forming→film in-shape→powder filling→sealing→ finished products transferring. At last, the finished products enter the counting device, and then manually put them in boxes or cartons. The machine designs properly with a beautiful appearance. It adapts standard stripe sealing. It can realize automatic power, granule, SC, EC, AS filling with changing the filling device. The organic glass cover can prevent the flowing of dust which is more enviromental-friendly.

Installation Method

Method 1

Notes: This installation method is normal and easy. It combines material charging tank together with the separate packaging. Material charging upstairs, main machine downstairs, and the normal material charging will be full of dust and powder. In this way, it creates better working environment and efficiently control the dust in operation area and the packaging area. Material storage tank contains more, no need to charge material frequently. Under small production capacity, one material charging is enough. It also can realize single and double pouch packing, and two material packing at the same time.

Method 2

Notes: Installed on material charging tank, realizing single and double pouch packaging at the same time. But it can also packing one material, in other words, its speed doubles. 

Installation 3 (Material feeding with screw)

Notes: Two screw material feeder plus one main machine are in the same area, thus working area dust is difficult to control. And the material hopper of screw material feeder is rather small, requiring frequently material charging. This installation method mainly aimed at those workshops position has fixed or for temporary usage. Those machine can pack single and double pouch at the same time, and it also can pack two different material for two material feeder.


①special coating

To prevent the sticky of heating block, shears and rod after long-time of usage, we coat the sealing parts, shears and rod with special material to prevent the above situation happens. This is a unique function of our company.

②Intellectual Temperature Control System

The temperature of each heating block is controlled and managed by the PLC. Temperature adjusting can be done in the touch screen,it is convenient and fast。Compare to the other factory which ues the  temperature control table,it is more dependable and safety,at the same time,reduce the maintenance cost of the customer,do not need to buy the accessories when the temperature control table is broken.

③ Electrical Components     

Main components(PLC、Human Interface, servo system, frequency converter, power switch, etc.)are using France Schneider that with good compatibility.

Photo electricity system, vacuum parts, coder and magnetic baker are using Japan Omron、SMC、SUNX、Convum、OPTEX,German KEB and other famous brands to ensure the stability of the equipment. 

Adopts high-grade transformer that passed European system certification of CE, TUV, ISO9001, ensuring the safety, stability, and reliability of the electric opponents.

④connecting rod

The connecting rod is using SUS304 casting which is more stable,but other supplier uses welding connecting rod which is easy to break and out of shape.

⑤Whole machine is made of SUS 304。

The whole machine uses SUS304 which has the feature of perfect anti-corrosion. The organic glass cover prevents the flowing of powder.

⑥Pneumatic cutting parts

⑦ Vacuum Part

The machine uses auto weighing feedback system to control the volume. The electrical scale gathers the volume and connected with the PLC. All the adjustment of the volume can be finished with pressing one key, no need to manually input the data. This has break the tradition of manually input which can improve the efficiency. This is the innovation design of our company, now we are applying the patent.

⑧Generality of Changing the Filling Device

The equipment has the plug reserved for changing powder, liquid, viscosity, or granule filling device. And so does the software left space on the software for rewiring or reprogramming. But other supplier has no design on this, they need to re-program when changing different filling device.

⑨Pneumatic Shaft Device

It use pneumatic shaft film releasing device,instead of install film and remove film by hand,reduce the strength of the labor ,convenient and rapid。The machine will automatically stop if something abnormal happened. It is a creative function of our company。The production of other company in the market does not have this function.

⑩Central Control

The central control box is installed in the middle of the equipment which looks good and easy for maintenance. The workers does not need run when operation, so this can improve the efficiency. Besides, it has an individual button box which has the function of fine-tune and testing.

11Air Pressure Inspection

Ⅲ、Main Technology Parameter

1. Capacity :≤60 pouches/min(Single Pouch)、≤120 pouches/min(Double Pouch)

2. Pouch Size :Single Pouch 85×100 mm(min);180×225 mm(max)

Double Pouch(60+60)×70 mm(min)、(90+90)×220 mm(max)

3. Volume: 200ml(single pouch);300ml(double pouch)

4. Precision: ±1%

5. Roll Inner Diameter : Φ70-80 mm

6. Roll Outer Diameter: ≤Φ500 mm

7. Power Source: Three Phase AC380V、50HZ

8. Power: 6KW

9. External Dimension:3360×1000×1550 mm(L×W×H)

10. Weight: about  2000 Kg

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