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JFC-40 Automatic Filling and Capping Machine
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  • This equipment integrates filling, cap feeding and capping. It is mainly used for filling, capping and sealing of glass or plastic bottles. It adopts 6-line filling, single-track bottle feeding and single-spin head capping in a linear intermittent mo...
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    • JFC-40 Automatic Filling and Capping Machine
Product Details


Filling System

Bottom filling system prevents foaming and spilling during high speed filling.

Bottle block turning disc with counting function decreases the time of waiting for the next bottles coming in.

Filling Piston Device

Stainless steel is polished and hard chrome plating for strengthening abrasion hardness which prevents contamination.

The filling piston is controlled by PLC and servo motor. The different filling volumes and filling speed can be adjusted easily from the HMI touch screens.

Capping Device

Offers low-particulate capping suitable for closing general glass bottle with AL ROPP cap.It is also suitable for screw or snap-on caps by changing the capping head.The machine is equipped with safety system - the machine will stop automatically in case of any bottle jams or in improper positions.

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