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JMF Series Automatic Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Filling Machine
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  • Equipping a filling machine with Coriolis mass flowmeters •High filling accuracy at little or no conductivity •High level of repeatability, even in the case of variable quantities •High hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical or food and bever...
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    • JMF Series Automatic Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Filling Machine
    • JMF Series Automatic Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Filling Machine
    • JMF Series Automatic Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Filling Machine
    • JMF Series Automatic Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Filling Machine
Product Details

The intelligent mass flowmeter liquid filling machine offers the state of the KROHNE flow meter technology to fill a wide variety of liquids. No other filling technology offers this advanced combination of features and benefits. 

Changes in product viscosity, temperature, pressure, and specific gravity are compensated for automatically. Flow meter filling provides the fill by measure the volume flow of conducting liquid without the issues of using conventional net weight methods.

Standard Features

1. Sanitary flow meters with tri-clamp fittings

2. Bottom-close filling head valves to prevent drips

3. Sanitary product infeed control valve, air-to-open, spring-to-close actuator

4. Intuitive and easy-to-use PLC control system

5. Product volume flow set from operator interface

6. Volume flow adjustment for each filling head from touch screen

7. No bottle/no fill system (insures no attempted fill of missing bottles)

8. Tool less adjustments for rapid changeover

9. Nozzle diving motion for bottom up filling, more suitable for easy foaming material

10. Clean product flow path (no moving parts, dead spots, gaps)

11. Support CIP/SIP

12. 304 stainless steel main material with necessary carbon steel

13. 316 stainless steel with material contact

14. Equipped with rotary lobe pump feeding system which is controlled by a servo motor to stabilize pipeline pressure, transport materials, and clean pipelines.


Benefits of KROHNE Mass Flowmeter Technology

1. Fills to accurate weight (Products are Sold by volume flow)

2. Unsurpassed versatility handling product viscosity

3. Fills wide range of product sizes

4. Exceptional filling accuracy

5. Easy container and product changeover

6. Simple fluid pathway for easy cleaning

7. Nearly waste-free product clean up (fully Drainable)

8. Minimal maintenance due to minimal moving or wear parts

9. Intelligent and easy to operate controls

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