Canadian Chemicals Case

Filling Range:250ML -5L
Speed:≦40 pcs/min
The automatic chemical production line includes a filling machine, a single-head automatic capping machine and a double-sided self-adhesive labeling machine. The JFM series flow meter filling machine adopts a mass flow meter, which is suitable for liquids with various viscosities and easy foaming, and has the highest production capacity. It can reach 40 bottles per minute.

Key Features

This type of Flow Meter is suited for pesticides.
Robust construction in stainless steel.
Siemens PLC controlled with touch screen panel.
Easy adjusting hand wheels for quick changeover.
30 job memory for easy set-up and recall.
Neck grabber for different sizes of container.
Capable capping type: plastic screw cap.
Manual or automatic feeding of cap.
Auto Pick & Place device is designed to handle most cap types, and driven by servo motor.
Capping chuck with servo drive for adjustable torque values.
Labeling – automatic labeling machine to label flat containers (front / back).


1.Filling Machine
Safety Guard
Nozzle up & down action driven by servo motor
Filling nozzle (Dia. 25.4mm) for big neck
Liquid feeding pump
Conveyor upgrade
Product Feeding Turn Table
2.Capping Machine
Safety Guard
Cap hopper & elevator
Vibrator bowl, cap chute, gripper and chuck for different size of cap
Conveyor upgrade
Inspection: missing cap / cock cap / missing foil liners
3.Labeling Machine
Coding system: hot stamp or thermal-transfer printer
Conveyor upgrade


NozzlesUp to 6 pcs
Fill Volume Range100ml-7000ml
Flow MeterKROHNE flow meter
Nozzle SizeDia. 20mm (Standard)
Container Thickness Range40mm-150mm
Container Length Range50mm-300mm
Container Height Range 120-300mm
Capping MachineJPPU-40
Number of Capping Chuck1 capping chuck
Label TypePressure Sensitive Label
Label Size20-180mm in height, 20-250mm in length
Label Roll SizeI.D. 76 mm ,O.D. 350 mm (Max.)
Conveyor Width82.5 , 114 , 152mm
Conveyor Length10,804mm
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